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Money Link Instructions Menu

Money Link:
Security State Bank's 24-Hour Telephone Banking Service

(507) 523-2004

or Toll-Free:
(877) LOV-BANK

(877) 568-2265

You must use a touch-tone phone to use Money Link!

Follow these directions when using Money Link from Security State Bank:

1. To access information, you will need your account number and your four digit PIN number. The last four digits of the social security or tax I.D. number of the name listed first on the account has been assigned as your initial PIN number. The first time you access your accounts, you are required to change your social security or tax I.D. to any other four digit number.

2. The opening menu allows you to access the account selection menus and system instructions.

3. The account information and funds transfer menu provides access to checking, savings, loans, and time deposit accounts, as well as the ability to transfer funds.

4. The checking and savings account menus provide information on your account balance, current account activity, your last deposit date and amount, specific check information, and interest information.

5. The loan account menu gives access to your loan balance, payment and payoff information, and interest information.

6. The certificate of deposit and individual retirement account menu gives information on your account balance, maturity date, and interest information.

7. The funds transfer menu will allow you to transfer between pre-authorized checking, savings, and loan accounts. Remember, to perform funds transfers, you must have completed a "Funds Transfer Authorization Form". To obtain this form, contact us at Security State Bank.

8. Action keys on your phone key pad are as follows:

  • 8 will return you to the previous menu
  • 9 will repeat the menu you are in
  • 0 will transfer you to an operator during regular banking hours

9. You may hang up at anytime to discontinue your call.

10. Don't forget, you can call Money Link ANY TIME, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to get the account information you need!

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